Koji Mikami Ph.D (Media & Governance, 2008, Keio University)


  Koji Mikami, graduated in 1995 from Faculty of Environmental Information, Keio University.

  He was engaged in starting up new media and content related businesses while working under Media Division of Nissho Iwai Corporation (now: Sojitz Corporation ). In 1997, as a producer in MK Company, he was in charge of overseeing the development of trilogy game (unpublished).

  Later on in 1998, together with the founder of Japan Computer Graphics Lab (JCGL), Kaneko Mitsuru, they established gCreative Labh within Katayanagi Advanced Research Lab of Tokyo University of Technology (TUT). He held the position there as a producer. In TUT, research on next generation visual production method is conducted along with assisting the digitization of animation production. As an example of result from the effort, TUT has produced full 3DCG animation gSky Kids Boobyh in collaboration with Tatsunoko Production. Furthermore, TUT has created and practicing practical curriculum for animation production and game production.

  From the result shown by these efforts, he obtained doctorate from Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University.

Currently, he is a full-time lecturer in School of Media Science, TUT.