Lightning Speed Endgame Technique


Koji Tanigawa, Meijin

Translated by Richard Sams

Published by the Shogi Renmei in December 1988, this book became an instant classic and is still considered to be one of the best shogi books ever written. Providing rare insights into the thought processes of top professionals in the endgame, it is a must-read for every shogi player who wants to take his or her game to a level higher than 3-dan amateur. Taking examples from his own games, the young Meijin Tanigawa explains his way of thinking and techniques for converting a good or winning position into a victory.

Richard Sams, a professional translator of Japanese and shogi enthusiast, has taken up the task of translating this classic book into English and publishing those translations on these pages. This is your chance to take lessons on how to play the endgame from one of the greatest endgame players in shogi history.

Tanigawa's "Lightning Speed Endgame Technique"

  1. Straight Lines and Curved Lines
  2. Turning Points in the Endgame
  3. Winning Endgame Technique
  4. Table-Turning Technique

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